What made my day

What made my day

laura gee’s illustrations, it is just too sweet 🙂


One of the most beautiful place in the spring of Australia–Grafton

One of the most beautiful place in the spring of Australia--Grafton

The city of Grafton is the commercial hub of the Clarence River Valley. Established in 1851, Grafton features many historic buildings and tree-lined streets. Located approximately 630 kilometres north of Sydney and 340 km south of Brisbane, Queensland, Grafton and the Clarence Valley can be reached by road, rail or air. At the 2006 census, Grafton had a population of 17,501 people.

Grafton is known as the Jacaranda City, in reference to its tree-lined streets and annual Jacaranda Festival, held in October/November.
Grafton is also well known for the Grafton Cup horse race, held yearly on the second Thursday in July. A half day holiday is observed in Grafton for the Cup day.

Red Obsession

Red Obsession

I watched Red Obsession in Melbourne International Film Festival tonight. IMDb rating 7.9/10. It was quite informative for me. The guy in the poster is Peter Tseng, Billionaire wine collector, this guy seriously made my day. To know the details, I recommend people to watch it and it will be in Village cinemas from 15th August, which is soon 🙂

A Quote That Will Completely Change The Way You Think About Love

Thought Catalog

Recently I came across a love quote and up until this day I’m still quite surprised by how much it has made me reflect on the way I see love and how I love. The quote comes from a 1996 film called Dream for an Insomniac:


This quote grips me, because it’s antithetical to what I’d previously believed in. I had always advised my girlfriends, NEVER invest more than what you think the other party is putting in: “Don’t like/love him more than he likes/loves you.” Because it’s not safe for your heart. Because you might get hurt, you might fall too deep, you might lose control of your own emotions and thoughts. Because he might not be worth it after all.

But I was wrong. Now I know otherwise.

Love should be mad, reckless and dangerous. It ought to be! It should require your every ounce of courage…

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Things happen sometimes, unexpectedly

Today, I reconnected with an old Uni friend whose nickname is Coming Soon ( his real name is 90% similar to it) through Wechat. We greeted each other and started to ask each other about  whether dating anyone. He told me he bumped into a girl at QV and chatting for hours afterwards! The girl is his girlfriend now. I told him I think it’s miracle and magical. He typed :” Things happen sometimes, unexpectedly. ”

It’s lucky that people can meet someone on the street and both feel something special there and just hit it off!

Coming Soon, thank you for making my day. 🙂


Flinders Street Station Design Competition

 I love my city and this design is my favorite, but I also don’t mind the design from John Wardle Architects + Grimshaw. The amphitheater, market space and gallery design from HASSELL + Herzog & de Meuron is amazing, however, I still prefer more gardens. It will be perfect if these design can be incorporated into the one I am voting for.  Good luck Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda +Sandiago Medina!!!! Looking forward to a greener Flinders Street Station and more spaces for watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks!